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About Us

At Hair Crush, we pursue excellence in everything we do to make sure clients look and feel special. Be it immaculate quality and hygiene, thoughtful guest experiences, or genuine passion for giving the gift of Hair and Beauty, Hair Crush strives to deliver an ethereal experience at affordable costs.

We have a strong culture of continually improving through ongoing education and experience while our people achieve personal fulfillment through their award-winning work. Hair Crush aims to achieve a pole position in the salon industry, and become a brand known for exceptional skill and delightful service.

Founder’s Message

Dear Guest,

Heartfelt thanks for choosing Hair Crush and placing your belief in us. I have taken great pride in creating South India’s best luxury salon brand – Mirrors Salons – which is much loved by discerning clients. In its pursuit of excellence, Mirrors has managed to win several national and regional awards making Hyderabad proud.
After much deliberations and research, I have found that the need of the hour is to make great hair and beauty care accessible and pocket-friendly, while delivering refined, top quality experiences – with love. Thus Hair Crush was born.

Hair Crush is the classic urban destination that serves you with all its heart. Here, adherence to quality will be uncompromising and attention to detail will be unsparing.

Please be assured that Hair Crush will be a reflection of Mirrors with the same values and work ethos – only that it makes great hair and beauty care more accessible and economical. I am sure you will be delighted with your experience here and please do pass on your feedback to which I will personally see. Cheers and see you soon again!

With much love,

Dr. Vijayalakshmi Goodapati
Founder, Mirrors Salons